Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Be Afraid, Don't be Strong"

Have you ever been so far behind that you have two of the same event to scrapbook?  Is that almost always, like me?  I got a wonderful idea from my Sister-In-Law to scrapbook both year's events at the same time.  This way, you have all your seasonal stamps and embellishments handy.  Less searching and clean-up means more precious time to scrapbook.

This past week I scrapbooked Fall/Halloween for 2010 & 2011.  

Pictured below are my son, Nate and my nephew, Noah - our Super Heroes.  Never mind that Noah is in his PJs and Nate is only partially costumed - they thought they were the real thing.  To make things worse - I made that mask for Nate about 20 minutes before we left because I heard that Noah had a mask.  I didn't want Nate to have mask envy.  

Noah had learned in church the week prior to "Be Strong, Don't be Afraid."  So at every house, the boys said this and performed their superhero moves (arms waving and then lunging).  Us parents thought this was adorable.  But my son Nate took the cake when he instead said, "Be Afraid, Don't be Strong."  Oh my - what a laugh.  It proves that he didn't know what he was saying - only that he was trying to be like his older cousin.

Most all of the paper is from Kaiser Craft's 13th Hour Line.  I love that when you cut off the bottom strip, one side is printed with a matching strip.  I used 3 of them on this page.

Flatten your pinwheels to make them fit better in your scrapbooks.  I just stapled them together.

So that brings us to 2011....

I got the layout idea for this page from Basic Gray's Blog (designed by Kelly Goree).  Kelly sailed on one of our Cruise & Crop cruises a few years ago.

A Season of Harvest stamp - from Tiffany Pastor's "Fall Elegance" stamp set by PaperTrey Ink.

Love my Slice - that's what I used to cut out "pumpkins"

I like to call Bayli our "Pumpkin Fairy Princess."  This costume came about when her aunt gave her the cute tu-tu for her birthday.  I made our matching bows. 

We live in a great neighborhood with even greater neighbors.  Nate & Bayli's real grandma (Gail) and all their other neighborhood grandparents were begging us to stop by.

Hope you enjoyed these layouts.  Now I'm off to tackle Thanksgiving and Christmas from the past two years.

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