Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Benefits of Travel Insurance

I know what you are thinking and I'm right there with you.  I HATE BUYING INSURANCE!  But I'd never think twice about insuring my home, car or my family's health!  But why do people question insuring their vacation investment?  With each of our cruise and land vacations we sell, we are happy to offer LeisureCare Travel insurance because you just never know what might happen before or during your trip.  We have many instances where unforeseen circumstances have interrupted dream vacations.  And I can assure you - those that had insurance - will never regret it!

When you book a vacation, you have the option of purchasing the insurance with your deposit (or within 14 days) or later with your final payment.  

Below are some tips and benefits of purchasing travel protection right away, instead of waiting until final payment is due.

  • Pre-existing condition exclusion will be waived.  Additionally, if you have a medical issue after the deposit is made, but before final payment is due, this new issue is considered a pre-existing condition and will generally not be covered if LeisureCare is not purchased at time of deposit.
  • Immediate coverage of airline cancellation fees. Clients who cancel prior to the cruise/tour penalty period may have non-refundable airline tickets. The tickets can only be covered if LeisureCare is purchased prior to the reason for cancellation.
  • Reimbursement of deposit if travel supplier ceases operations due to financial insolvency. Even normally refundable deposits may not be returned to your client in the event a supplier ceases operations.
  • Coverage for ANY ancillary travel components that are subject to penalty – air, hotel, land, etc. These components may be subject to penalty before the final cruise/tour payment is due (please note that these components must be included in the insurance premium and covered by LeisureCare to be eligible).
  • One less thing for the you to worry about later – if you know you want coverage, why not be proactive and take care of it now!

At a recent meeting, CruiseOne owners were asked to share their most memorable claims stories.

Following are some of the submissions. 

“Family with 10 cabins. Everyone took travel protection except one woman. She had a heart attack on the cruise. The ship turned around to Mexico, and an ambulance transported her to a hospital. Unfortunately, she passed away. The family spent $24,000 to transport her remains back to the states!” - L. M.
TIP: LeisureCare includes Evacuation and Repatriation benefits that cover expenses associated with emergency medical transportation and repatriation (return of remains). It could have saved the family $24,000.

“A large family took a short cruise as a last trip with Dad, who had terminal cancer. They refused travel protection. After making final payment, Dad had a car accident. The cancer was not going to stop the cruise, but the car accident might.  And now, injuries from the car accident are a pre-existing condition. “Hindsight is 20/20”” – Anonymous
TIP: Had they purchased LeisureCare before the car accident, they would have been covered had they cancelled due to injuries from the car accident.

“A passenger who did NOT purchase travel protection called 3 days before taking their cruise crying for HELP. Their birth certificate was chewed up by their dog! I managed to get their birth certificate replaced overnight” - H.P.
TIP: LeisureCare’s 24/7 assistance program, serviced by OnCall International, can help with document replacement.

“Clients purchased cruise and travel protection (thank God!). Two weeks prior to sailing one was diagnosed with Cancer and could not go. They had another couple traveling with them. They ALL cancelled and received the non-refundable portion of their cruise cost back. You never know what may happen!” – T.L.
TIP: Purchase LeisureCare with your deposit to waive the pre-existing condition exclusion..

“Healthy man became ill during cruise – open heart surgery on Madura. 100% coverage! An awesome testimonial” – P.S.
TIP: LeisureCare includes $50,000 for accident- and $50,000 for sickness-medical expenses if you are injured or become ill during your cruise vacation.

“My client fell off a tram in Bermuda and went to the local hospital. Even his wife’s expenses in a Bed & Breakfast were covered. If he hadn’t taken travel protection, he would have incurred thousands of dollars.” - T.B.
TIP: In addition to coverage for medical expenses, LeisureCare includes trip interruption coverage which reimburses for unused travel arrangements, as well as up to $100 per day for additional transportation and accommodation expenses to remain near a hospitalized traveling companion.

“Two days before their cruise, my clients’ daughter was sitting in a park and got hit in the head with a baseball. She suffered a concussion. Fortunately, the doctor cleared her to cruise.” - J.T.
NOTE: If she hadn’t been cleared by the doctor, they could have cancelled and received 100% cash back with LeisureCare.

“My suitcase went to China instead of the Caribbean. First stop was P.C. Florida, where I took a cab to Macy’s and rebought everything. All was refunded under the bag delay benefit. (My bags finally arrived at my house in Florida the day I returned home from my cruise.) – R.M.
TIP: LeisureCare reimburses up to $500 per person for covered expenses if bags are delayed by the common carrier.

“Three couples booked a cruise to Bermuda. Two bought travel protection. One of the passengers almost had her pocketbook stolen. During the incident she fell and broke her leg. Luckily she was one of the couples who had travel protection. . She had to be medevac’d home. The couple was handled extremely well by the 24/7 help desk and called later to thank me.” – L.S.
TIP: Emergency medical evacuation costs are pre-paid. Clients should remember to call On-Call International to in the event of medical emergencies.

You can view LeisureCare's description of Coverage by clicking here.

So next time you book a vacation, don't forget the insurance!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Keep Calm & Cruise & Crop

Helllloooooooo Cruise & Croppers!  I though I'd join in the fun and create a Keep Calm poster.  Feel free to print and/or Pin the image.  You'll find links below to download the graphic from Google Docs.

Get the .jpg file by clicking this link:

Get the .pdf file by clicking this link:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Your Alaska Cruise Awaits...Super offers available!

Thinking of cruising to Alaska?  We've got you covered in 2015.  Cruise June, July or August and take part in your favorite craft!

JUNE - Scrapbooking

Buy 1, Get 1 50% through September 15, 2014.  Call for details.

JULY - Mixed Media

Buy 1, Get 1 50% through September 15, 2014.  Call for details.

AUGUST - Stamping

Pick 1 of 4 "Perks" to enjoy onboard.  Book by August 27, 2014.  Call for details.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Upgrades

We often are asked if complimentary upgrades are available on Royal Caribbean.  There are some cases when this happens.  But action is required in your part.  To be sure you are considered for any upgrades that might be available on you cruise,  please be sure you are correctly registered on Royal Caribbean's website.   You can go to the MY CRUISES portal at www.rccl.com.    You will find this tab in the upper right corner of the Royal Caribbean home page.   

Below is the graphic you will see when you click on My Cruises.  Log in to access your profile.   Your profile page gives you a tab that says UPGRADE PREFERENCES.   You must fill this out to be sure you are considered for upgrades.   You may not be considered if you don't fill in this page.   

If upgrades are available, they are reviewed up to one week prior to sailing.   The Crown and Anchor guest with the highest status is considered first and then it works down the list of guests with the next level,  etc.   

You are also able to update many of your cruising preferences so check out all the tabs.

If you have cruised with Royal Caribbean, remember to: 

  1. Sign-up for their loyalty program called the "Crown & Anchor Society" to receive coupons both for your cruise + onboard. Call-- or visit their website. --
  2. Register on RCCL's website as mentioned above. Cruise Coupons will be posted online and are rarely mailed or e-mailed to you. 
  3. Keep those Crown & Anchor numbers handy and call us to book your next cruise.  1-800-645-1481

  • If you've sailed with Celebrity Cruise Line 5+ times, your loyalty benefits will transfer to RCCL.  
  • Cruise & Crop can apply all your coupons & discounts. You are in no way at a disadvantage by booking with a travel agent. In fact- we are here to be your ally and support. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Happy Day

I had every intention of posting last week when it was International Happy Day. No, that is not the full truth....I had many good intentions of posting this project months ago. We taught this banner class on our Merry & Bright Cruise in November 2013. Well, I trust you will still enjoy this project no matter the date....because this banner can be used all year. 

The entire time we were designing the banner Gail and I were so excited about it. And we were "HAPPY" when our cruisers named this as their favorite class. 

For this project we used canvas & burlap from Canvas Corp (I love how the pennants come in different sizes, shapes and fabrics). The super cute customizable letters are from Craft Cuts. We painted (sprayed) the letters with Tattered Angles Glimmer Mist. These 3 companies were HUGE supporters of our cruise...THANKS!!!

We found these glass-like flowers at Hobby Lobby.  They are a bit hard to see in the photo but look great in person.  We had purchased the flowers months prior to the cruise without knowing what we were going to use them on.  I think they found a great home on this project. 

Aren't these letters fun!  We didn't want to get the typical fonts offered at the big box stores. At Craft Cuts you can choose from tons of fonts, thicknesses, sizes and wood types. The letters are offered bare and painted. And the prices are great. The ordering process was so easy....we'd highly recommend checking them out.  

So...we had 3 different Glimmer Mist colors available for spraying the letters:  Dijon, Dragonfly & Crimson.  All the colors looked great on the cruisers' projects. The Glimmer Mist was such a quick and easy way to color these Craft Cut Letters and the cool dark edges if the letters remained dark. 

I tried to mix the Dijon & Dragonfly to make teal (to match my clock). I was not successful. But I did learn that those 2 colors mix together to make a beautiful shade of emerald green...just in case you were wondering. LOL. In the end, I had to paint my letters with craft paint. 

The message on the 5x7 stretched canvas at the end can be easily switched out with different holidays...

  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Birthday (even for Jesus' birthday at Christmas time)
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Day
  • Happy Baby (for baby showers)
  • Happy Valentine's
  • Happy Mother's Day/Father's Day
You get the picture!  This banner rocks. 

March is birthday month in my family so the banner was well used.  Gail (mom)  first, then my husband then my son.

The rope, clothes pins and clips are also from the Canvas Corp family of brands. 

Thank you to our project sponsors....

Hope you enjoyed the project. Let us know what you think...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Carnival Cruise Line Announces their Concert Series


Jennifer Hudson, Lady Antebellum, Daughtry, Martina McBride, Chicago, Jewel
And Many More Confirmed For 2014 Performances

MIAMI (January 22, 2014) – Turn up the volume live music fans! Carnival Cruise Lines today unveiled a new entertainment offering to bring the best in live music to the seas. A first-of-its-kind experience in the cruise industry, the Carnival LIVE Concert Series offers Carnival guests the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive onboard performance by a diverse roster of popular music artists while ships are docked at select ports of call.

Carnival has booked 49 performance dates for the 2014 concert series with the following artists:

  • 38 Special
  • Chicago
  • Daughtry
  • Foreigner
  • Gavin DeGraw
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Jewel
  • Kansas
  • Lady Antebellum
  • LeAnn Rimes
  • Martina McBride
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • REO Speedwagon
  • STYX
  • Trace Adkins

“Performing live is one of my favorite things,” said GRAMMY® Award-winner, Jennifer Hudson at an exclusive launch event for Carnival LIVE in New York City on January 22. “I’m excited to be part of this unique concert series that will allow me to interact with my fans in such an intimate and memorable setting.”

In addition to the Carnival LIVE Concert Series, Carnival is also enhancing its popular shipboard house bands. The bands will feature both male and female lead singers, a more choreographed, themed and diverse set list, and increased interaction with guests. Nine Carnival ships currently feature the new bands, with implementation across the full fleet over the course of this year.

“Onboard entertainment is an important part of the overall guest experience when cruising,” said Mark Tamis, senior vice president of guest operations for Carnival Cruise Lines. “With the Carnival LIVE Concert Series, our guests will enjoy an exclusive performance with one of their favorite artists for an extraordinary value. Combined with our enhanced house bands fleetwide, this is just another example of the many ways we are constantly looking to create even more fun and memorable moments for our guests.”

Tamis added, “The Carnival LIVE 2014 Concert Series is also a great tool for our travel agent partners, providing an additional feature at a great value that can be promoted when selling Carnival cruises.”
Beginning in April 2014, Carnival LIVE concerts will take place on board eight Carnival ships that call in the following ports: Cozumel, Mexico; Nassau, the Bahamas; and Catalina Island, California. Artists will join the ship while in port, perform in the main show lounge that evening, and debark following their show.

Tickets cost $20-40 each and a limited number of VIP tickets are also available for each show for $100-$150 each. The VIP experience includes an artist meet and greet, photo opportunity, seating in the first three rows and a commemorative laminated concert pass. All tickets can be purchased through Carnival’s online Shore Excursion System prior to sailing, or on board participating ships at the Shore Excursion Desk based on availability.

Consumers can visit www.carnival.com/CarnivalLive to view the full list of 2014 Carnival LIVE concert dates.  Call CruiseOne to book!  1-800-645-1481


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Hi Faithful Crafting Friends!

I am SO EXCITED about a new book that is coming out! My relative, Tiffany Pastor, has written a novel about human trafficking in America. “CHILDREN of the CITY” is an amazing story that spreads awareness inciting action.  She is giving 40% of profits right back into freedom fighting organizations, too!

>> I am so inspired by the vision of how this book can impact our country! JANUARY is National Human Trafficking Awareness month, and Tiffany just launched a indiegogo project on Jan. 12 to build momentum for the book. As we pre-order the book or donate it will expand the impact of the story sending it into cities we could not reach by ourselves.

Check out the website:

Watch the video then click on "Fund this Project Now" to be transferred to their indiegogo page.

You will be blown away by the powerful book trailer on the website. Please feel free to share this with others. I just had to send this your way. Freedom is coming!

Share with us your thoughts on the book trailer.  Persons leaving a comment will be entered to win a prize pack from Cruise & Crop.


For Freedom,
Gail & Cheri