Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Happy Day

I had every intention of posting last week when it was International Happy Day. No, that is not the full truth....I had many good intentions of posting this project months ago. We taught this banner class on our Merry & Bright Cruise in November 2013. Well, I trust you will still enjoy this project no matter the date....because this banner can be used all year. 

The entire time we were designing the banner Gail and I were so excited about it. And we were "HAPPY" when our cruisers named this as their favorite class. 

For this project we used canvas & burlap from Canvas Corp (I love how the pennants come in different sizes, shapes and fabrics). The super cute customizable letters are from Craft Cuts. We painted (sprayed) the letters with Tattered Angles Glimmer Mist. These 3 companies were HUGE supporters of our cruise...THANKS!!!

We found these glass-like flowers at Hobby Lobby.  They are a bit hard to see in the photo but look great in person.  We had purchased the flowers months prior to the cruise without knowing what we were going to use them on.  I think they found a great home on this project. 

Aren't these letters fun!  We didn't want to get the typical fonts offered at the big box stores. At Craft Cuts you can choose from tons of fonts, thicknesses, sizes and wood types. The letters are offered bare and painted. And the prices are great. The ordering process was so easy....we'd highly recommend checking them out.  

So...we had 3 different Glimmer Mist colors available for spraying the letters:  Dijon, Dragonfly & Crimson.  All the colors looked great on the cruisers' projects. The Glimmer Mist was such a quick and easy way to color these Craft Cut Letters and the cool dark edges if the letters remained dark. 

I tried to mix the Dijon & Dragonfly to make teal (to match my clock). I was not successful. But I did learn that those 2 colors mix together to make a beautiful shade of emerald green...just in case you were wondering. LOL. In the end, I had to paint my letters with craft paint. 

The message on the 5x7 stretched canvas at the end can be easily switched out with different holidays...

  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Birthday (even for Jesus' birthday at Christmas time)
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Day
  • Happy Baby (for baby showers)
  • Happy Valentine's
  • Happy Mother's Day/Father's Day
You get the picture!  This banner rocks. 

March is birthday month in my family so the banner was well used.  Gail (mom)  first, then my husband then my son.

The rope, clothes pins and clips are also from the Canvas Corp family of brands. 

Thank you to our project sponsors....

Hope you enjoyed the project. Let us know what you think...

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  1. What a neat idea. I love the look of this.