Friday, May 30, 2014

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Upgrades

We often are asked if complimentary upgrades are available on Royal Caribbean.  There are some cases when this happens.  But action is required in your part.  To be sure you are considered for any upgrades that might be available on you cruise,  please be sure you are correctly registered on Royal Caribbean's website.   You can go to the MY CRUISES portal at    You will find this tab in the upper right corner of the Royal Caribbean home page.   

Below is the graphic you will see when you click on My Cruises.  Log in to access your profile.   Your profile page gives you a tab that says UPGRADE PREFERENCES.   You must fill this out to be sure you are considered for upgrades.   You may not be considered if you don't fill in this page.   

If upgrades are available, they are reviewed up to one week prior to sailing.   The Crown and Anchor guest with the highest status is considered first and then it works down the list of guests with the next level,  etc.   

You are also able to update many of your cruising preferences so check out all the tabs.

If you have cruised with Royal Caribbean, remember to: 

  1. Sign-up for their loyalty program called the "Crown & Anchor Society" to receive coupons both for your cruise + onboard. Call-- or visit their website. --
  2. Register on RCCL's website as mentioned above. Cruise Coupons will be posted online and are rarely mailed or e-mailed to you. 
  3. Keep those Crown & Anchor numbers handy and call us to book your next cruise.  1-800-645-1481

  • If you've sailed with Celebrity Cruise Line 5+ times, your loyalty benefits will transfer to RCCL.  
  • Cruise & Crop can apply all your coupons & discounts. You are in no way at a disadvantage by booking with a travel agent. In fact- we are here to be your ally and support. 


  1. I can't seem to find this tab when I log in to my profile.

  2. Down at the bottom of the page when you first log in, down at the bottom it states "Profile" you need to click on the hyperlink that states "Personal Information". Once you are there, you can see the tabs on the right and one of them states "Upgrade Preferences".

  3. I have cruising preferences and an on board preferences but no upgrade preferences. I am about to go on my first cruise I did enroll in the crown and anchor.

  4. I have same issue as above, I see all but upgrade preferences :(

  5. I am having the same issue as above. I wonder if it's because it's our first cruise.

  6. You have to have Gold Status before that option appears.

  7. You have to have Gold Status before that option appears.

  8. We are mid level diamond and have never received an upgrade. I don't expect it as we book the minimum room we want. I have heard of Diamond plus getting upgrades, but very rarely diamond level, unless the ship has plenty of extra rooms available. Odds increase if you only have 2 people in the room as there are sometimes restrictions on the number of people in some rooms. Just don't expect it. They often like to keep a couple higher end rooms open in case there are issues with some of the other higher end rooms...and rightly so.

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