Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shop Your House!

We all are busy.  It seems to me that lately, things have just crept up on me.  For instance, I knew that I was having a Bon Voyage Party at my house for a cruise that I was going on with my friends.  I have known this for weeks.  Of course, I wanted it to be fun, informative and super cute.  But now, it was a day before and I had not taken care for the "super cute" part of the event!  What was I going to do for a theme or centerpiece?  Yikes!  All I had was a couple of packages of paper napkins with the Eiffel Tower on them.  I needed more!  I needed it right now.  So, I decided to "shop my house".  I went around and started gathering a few things that were not traditional centerpieces, but that all had a travel theme to them.  Luckily, I am a travel agent, so I have an office with things that I have collected from trips or that people have given to me as a gift. 
I had a couple of pieces of decorative luggage that were in my office and a table runner I had picked up in Europe.  Great start!  Then I added my scarf from Paris and the book ends from my office. 
The three vases had once contained various vinegars, so I dumped those (now expired - lol) and added some fresh flowers, making the arrangement on my kitchen island complete.
Now on to the table with another table runner, more things from my office and Voila!  Candles are always a welcome addition if you need a filler.

To complete my décor, I added a few of my European scrapbooks to a table, along with a some fresh flowers in my vase from Italy and I was finished.

So, you may want to try this idea for your next party.  Especially if you did not have time in advance to pull things together like me!  I think that when you put unusual things on the table that would not normally be centerpieces, it can create a nice effect.  Enjoy entertaining!

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  1. Looks fantastic. Hope you had a good time at the party.