Saturday, May 16, 2015

Have you seen this? Bible Art Journaling

I have a new passion.  It is Bible Art Journaling.  I first found out about this when a good friend of mine was going to a class at her local scrapbooking store, Little Blue House in Texas.  Pat immediately texted me and told me that this is something that she thought I would enjoy.  The teacher of the class was Shanna Noel.  I did a little research and found out that she had a Facebook page called:  Journaling Bible Community and also another Facebook page under her new brand name called:   Illustrated Faith.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  There was such beauty of expression in each and every entry.  I wanted to try this, so I ordered a Journaling Bible on Amazon and got started.  I am not going to post my first attempts, but I think that with time, I have had a bit of improvement.  The cool thing about this is that it is an expression of how you are feeling about a particular passage and you just express it in the margins of the bible pages.  I was a bit afraid to put something wet such as paint on the thin pages, but was amazed that if you use the right products, you could get the desired results without ruining the back side of the paper.

Once I saw for myself how cool this was, I gave Shanna Noel a call and asked her if she would like to teach on one of our Cruise and Crop Cruises.  It did not take her but a few seconds to say:  Yes!  We are soooooo very excited that she will be cruising to Alaska in 2016 on a Cruise & Crop Cruise!  You can see all of the details on:   Just click on "Cruises" and then you will see her listed as Illustrated Faith under our 2016 cruises.

Here's an example of what you can do.  I am currently going through a "Season".  I have parents who are in their 90's, children, grandchildren, a husband and a business.  Needless to say.......I am busy and often overwhelmed.   I took comfort in this passage that spoke of the Seasons we all go through.  There is a time for everything and I am embracing this wonderful time in my life that I am sure will be full of precious memories I will cherish for a lifetime.  I painted a spring and a fall tree on this page to show me that time does pass, but each season is beautiful in its own way.

Here's the products that I used:  First I prepped my page margins with Liquitex Matte Medium.  Then I used Gelatos to create the background behind the trees and also used Gelatos and colored pencils on the trees.  I also used a bit of acrylic paint, and of course, a little glitter.  I was going to leave the area with the scripture white, so that is why I did not prep that area.  However, in the creative process, I thought it needed a bit of color.  So, I used my Pan Pastels and rubbed a little color on with my fingers.  
To keep me from painting ALL of the pages of my bible, I put tucked a few of the subsequent pages into an 8x8 page protector to keep the rest of the bible clean.  That allowed me to paint right up to the edges of my page and brush my paint onto the plastic page without disturbing the underlying pages.

 As you can see, the back side of my page is perfectly clean.  It is ready for a new post whenever I feel inspired.
I used Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen - Big Brush for the wording.  I was so pleased with this product as it did not bleed through the page.

I hope you enjoyed this and that you will plan on joining Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith on her cruise to Alaska.  I am sure that you will be glad that you did!

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Leave us a comment - How long have you been journaling in your Bible?  What are your favorite products?

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