Friday, September 2, 2016

Pregnancy Journal - Keeping it Simple

I find it fascinating that in my grandparents day they never knew their mother was pregnant. Women just didn't talk about it. And the clothes hid the fact. Nowadays the clothes are adorable and the excitement is never ending. I loved seeing my first twos' anticipation as they waited for their little brother.  As a scrapbooker, of course I needed to document this time I my life... and share it with you.

Baby #1's journal was extensive. It took forever to make and even longer to fill-in.  In fact, a few pages are still blank because I was tired of my hand cramping.

I wised up with baby #2 and made a smaller (less pages) version.

So when #3 was on the way, I took out the need for creativity (because I don't have much time for that these days) and I practically copied my previous journal. What was even better is that I still had the computer files for the text parts. So...this only took a few hours to complete.  Here is the simple pregnancy journal/scrapbook I made for baby #3.

Sure this simple version doesn't include ALL the details of my pregnancy, but I'm guessing my kids won't care....hopefully they will just enjoy seeing me "with child".

I made the decision to only take a photo every 5 weeks instead if every week...because taking weekly pictures is too much pressure.  *and less pictures means a simpler scrapbook.

Did you keep a journal/scrapbook of your pregnancy?  What topics/info do you think are most important to include?

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