Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas at my house

Hi Ladies! It's Gail and this is my first Blog post ever. Cheri is the computer wizard, and I have to say I was a little nervous about getting started. I was wondering if there were blog words or blog abbreviations (lol - like they do in texting) or blog rules that I needed to know. So I did a little research and found out that it looks pretty simple and that I can just share some thoughts. Whew! Much easier!

I really like all types of crafts and hope to share my love for these with you on the blog. A couple of years ago, when the grandchildren started coming, I found that I could no longer get Christmas stockings to match the ones I already had on my mantel for our growing family. So I took on the project of making all new stockings and I bought lots of extra material so that when I had a new grand baby - like this year - I would be able to add them into the mix without too much trouble. So the first year, I made 8 stockings - a huge undertaking. Last year and this year, I added one each, which was much easier! Here's a couple of pictures of my mantel and my stockings. I chose burgundy and copper as my colors.

One of my favorite decorations are these glitter boxes that I found in Tennessee while on a little road trip. I took the glitter box and filled it with ornaments and lights, then decorated the top with poinsettias, pretty ribbon and of course, lots of glittered things!

How are your Christmas decorations coming?


  1. beautiful mantel and i love your stockings! the glitter boxes are very cool! i'd like to find those!
    i haven't decorated for several years but this year we have a 3 year old in the house. so i will at least put up a tree for him. have to!

  2. Very Pretty. I have my house decorated from top to bottom and can hardly wait for the big day. Christmas is my favorite time of year. TFS & God Bless