Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 3 of our Alaska Cruise

Day 3 travel tip: bring binoculars

Today we are in Glacier Bay National Park, is breathtaking here. Some park rangers boarded the ship this morning and they will be on all day sharing great information about the park. Right now me and the gang are siting on the 15th deck enjoying the view. There is the chance we could see some humpback whales, brown bears, tuffed puffins and other marine life. Sure do wish we had brought some binoculars! Even though the shore doesn't look too far away, it is over a mile. So even if we do see the wildlife, it will be quite small. I definitely recommend bringing binoculars... If you don't own a pair, then borrow some from a friend.

Bar service keeps walking by with offerings of "enhanced" coffee. Their slogan is "Drink more, see more whales". I bet that works on many of the cruisers onboard. :)

Cell service is not good today. I am hoping I can post this tomorrow in Skagway.

Alaska enthusiast,

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