Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 5: Juneau

It's another beautiful Alaskan day. We didn't plan any excursions in this port. But we did get off the ship and walked around downtown. Juneau is the largest city on the itinerary. Downtown you can find a fabric store, yarn store and a beading store.

The highlight of my day was seeing Sea Planes take-off and land. I really wanted to take a ride in a Sea Plane but the budget didn't allow it this time around. Next time I come to Alaska I will definitely be flying high!!

We heard good reports from other cruisers about their whale watching excursions. I am usually a bit leery about wildlife tours but since we have seen quite a bit this time I would be more apt to recommend these types of tours.

Today's travel tip: bring sunscreen
I know it is hard to believe but even when it is cold and you are bundled up in jackets, gloves and hats that you can still get sunburned. Being a Florida girl I associate sunscreen with the beach. So I didn't bother bringing any to Alaska. All four of us have red faces.

My posts are often posted a day or two late due to cell service. We were in Juneau on the 22nd- my 10 year anniversary. It was wonderful being able to spend the entire day with my sweetheart. The day ended perfectly with an amazing sunset. The sky was pink with the snow capped mountains below it. As a bonus it was formal night so my husband was forced to dress up for the celebration. I don't know about your men, but mine prefers to be casual. Now I have bunches of great photos without nagging him to wear a tie. :)

Off to Ketchikan...


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