Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bayli is 2! - Part 1 of 3

I remember two years ago announcing that I had given birth to my precious little girl, Bayli.  And this past week she turned two.  I have to admit that I went a bit overboard on her birthday party.  But now that Pinterest is around, I feel more pressure to decorate!  Does anyone else feel that way?  I found many wonderful Ice Cream party ideas on Pinterest and I went crazy.

This 3 part blog will feature her recent photo shoot, invites and party decor.  So be sure to come back for more!


My amazing Sister-In-Law, Tiffany Pastor (who you might know as a great stamp designer) is also quite good at taking photos.  So I bribed her to come over and shoot some new shots of my little girl.  Oh how I love having a girl!!

First things first - set the stage.  My property is very wooded so it is a great, nature place to take photos.

I borrowed this wooden chair from a friend.  The decorative suitcases came from Gail's office.  I stole the lamp from Bayli's room.  My lovely cousin, Candace, made that beautiful afghan.  And the streamers- well that is an idea I got from Pinterest.

Streamer how to:  I purchased a twin flat sheet from Wal-mart.  This coral color is not the color I went in trying to find - but I really loved the end result of the contrast between the woods and her off-white outfit.  Each strip is about 2 inches wide.  I started out ripping the fabric (see #1).  This resulted in a lot of frays and caused the fabric to twist.  I don't recommend ripping the fabric (although this would have been faster)!  Even after I tried ironing the fabric, it still didn't lay nice.  Notice on #2 the line is much straighter - on the remainder of the strips I cut the fabric.  This takes a lot longer than you'd think.  So pop in a good movie and start cutting.  I used only one coral flat sheet.  I wished I had another one to make the backdrop wider {And if you need your backdrop to be taller, then use a queen or king sheet}.  I added a few off-white strips to add some depth.  I also cut some strips in different lengths to add texture.

Here we turned the bench around and had her stand on it.

For months I knew this was the outfit I wanted her to wear for the photo shoot.  But I kept racking my brain as to what she would wear in her hair {because that detail is SOOO important!}  I came up with this headband the night before and I was pretty proud of it!  Would you believe that I found that mustard colored crocheted strip at a thrift store (along with a lot of other crocheted pieces) for just a few dollars.  What a find!!

Hope you enjoyed my little darling.  Come back tomorrow for party invite pics!

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