Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bayli is 2! - Part 3 of 3

{Bayli's Ice Cream Shoppe}

Welcome to Bayli's Ice Cream Shoppe!  As I mentioned on Thursday, Pinterest is causing some unnecessary pressure to throw and grand party!  So in my few hours of free time each week (for the past month), I locked myself in my Studio and got to work.  :)

It seems that every party picture on Pinterest shows a beautiful table with a cool backdrop.  My husband thought I was crazy to want to decorate this wall and kitchen nook area.  I even made some simple curtains to match the party.  This little square of our home really was an ice cream parlor for the day.

I got the idea for the hanging ice cream cones from Pinterest (Icing Designs Blog - Click here for the tutorial)

The three table runner idea came from a photo I saw on Pinterest from this blog:

Since moving to this house in April I still have not found something to hang over our mantel.  Since I had a blank slate it made it easy to add some accordion flowers.  NOTE - be sure to tape them well!  I hung the flowers a couple of days before the party and on the party day (in the morning) the big orange flower fell, knocked down two picture frames, denting one and breaking the glass out of the other.  Opps!  My husband added some duct tape and they seemed to hold better.

I had purchased these matching cup cake papers long ago but then realized that I wasn't going to make cupcakes.  So, I used a biscuit cutter to cut out brownies.  They were the perfect size to add to everyone's ice cream.

Although unnecessary, adding topping labels helped pull the theme together.

See the scalloped curtains in the background?  To make the scallops, I simply used a paper plate and a washable fabric marker.  Then I cut out the scalloped line I made.  I didn't even bother finishing the raw edges or lining them since they were only going to hang for a day.

Here is Bayli sneaking some Gummy Bears before the party.  It was so hard keeping the kids away from the table all day!  And yup - I made that skirt.  :)

I have posted my party supplies on Etsy if anyone is interested in purchasing them.  Check out this link:

Thanks for coming!  The Ice Cream Shoppe is now closed.

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