Monday, July 2, 2012

House Warming Party

On Saturday I had some of my dear friends and family over for a classic house warming party.  I wanted to share with you a few cute gifts that I got.  First - here is my invite.  I had lots of fun with my Copics.  Not my best coloring job - but not too bad for a beginner.

These stamps are from Close to My Heart.  Click here for the specific stamp set. (Consultant Sheila Wilson)

This first gift is from Gail (my sweet momma)...and my dad.  She really went the extra mile to present the gift in a creative and thoughtful way.  And check out this card.  The Lattice work was created on her Pazzles Cutter. (Join us on Pazzles 1st Cruise & Crop cruise...CLICK HERE)

The curtains were made by layering ribbon.   

A piece of acrylic was attached between the window lattice work and the curtain to make it look like a real window.

I plan to leave this cute sign on the basket.  Now to decide where to put it and what should fill it.  Any ideas?

This second gift was from Jim & Jane.  They were my neighbors before I moved.  Jane has been with us on a couple of Cruise & Crop cruises and is quite possibly our most supportive, unpaid "sales women".

Check out this clever idea...presented in a cute basket. 

Do you have any creative House Warming Gift ideas? Leave a comment.


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