Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick and easy 4th necklace

Our town's big 4th of July fireworks celebration takes place on the 3rd. So as I was getting ready this morning I made sure to put on my Red, White and Blue...except I didn't have a very cute outfit. I found my old strand of red pearls hiding in the back of my jewelry drawer. Even with the red pearls on top of my white shirt I still didn't look very festive. This looked the the perfect opportunity to craft!!

The outcome was pretty simple. I'm sure it could have been a bit more embellished (and maybe blinged)...but not bad for my 30 minute time slot. The three flowers are independent of each other. In fact, the red flower is a pin I had made last week. The little blue Yo-yos I whipped up today. Each flower is sewed on with thread {which could be removed later}. I did tack the three together with one stitch so that they didn't spin around.

I hope this inspired you to create something patriotic.

Share with us your creative 4th of July crafts. Email them to info@cruiseandcrop.com



  1. Cute idea:-) Hope you had a happy 4th!

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  3. is that a rose design? omg so beautifull. i hope u can comeback to blogging again. berita terbaru terkini hari ini

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