Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome to Guest Blogger, Stayce DeWid

Hi, I’m Stayce DeWid, I’m so excited to be blogging today for Cruise and Crop.

This album is a mixed media album done with several different mediums on several different media surfaces.  I’m just beginning to get into the grungy goodness of mixed media. Not sure I’m very good at it yet but I’m trying. Lol

I do however LOVE to layer items and little pieces and trinkets etc....

Lots of glue, lots of different mediums and Tons of fun. If you get a chance you should try it.

We also have a fabulous cruise coming up with Cruise and Crop. Would love to see some of you there.  Check out all the details at: 

Thanks for looking

Stayce DeWid

And thank you Stayce for contributing!  Leave a comment about a class you've taken with Stayce.  We love her work!

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